WHITE PAPER: JD Edwards Upgrades and Integration Best Practices

Each of the JD Edwards family of ERP products presents unique requirements and challenges for integration. This white paper presents several best practices for JD Edwards IT departments for systems integration before, during and after the time of an upgrade.

Too many IT departments have been manually integrating JD Edwards systems by writing ad hoc program interfaces that are difficult to maintain and unlikely to scale, leading to significant risks.

This white paper is intended for IT managers who manage JD Edwards upgrades where significant data or processes need to be integrated. Upgrades are complicated projects. Managing integration in anticipation of an upgrade is an essential part of managing a JD Edwards system.

By reading this white paper, you will see at a high level how it is possible to work with a single-stack technology to design, deploy and monitor integration flows that will transition JD Edwards versions with near-zero effort.

Download: JD Edwards Upgrades and Integration Best Practices

This white paper covers:

JD Edwards Upgrade Planning Documents

  • Upgrade Planning: Evaluation and Analysis
  • Upgrade Planning: Integration Flows
  • Upgrade Planning: Preparing for ‘Go Live’
  • Applying Best Practices with the Magic xpi Integration Platform

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