WHITE PAPER: 10 Questions to Ask Before Integrating Your Systems

More and more companies do not want to be tied to a single business software provider. They want each of the applications they use to provide the ideal function and cost; the term used for this approach is ‘Best-of-Breed’. Many enterprises now use their core systems with other on-premise and on-demand applications: including Microsoft SharePoint, Lotus Notes, Salesforce.com, specific IBM i-based software and many other applications. The price for this software diversity is the time spent managing enterprise software and organizing the communication between different complex solutions. Tedious manual programming of point-to-point interfaces between solutions can cause the advantages of the best-of-breed approach to completely evaporate—but there is a solution.

This White Paper will discuss how rather than manually programming interfaces, companies can use systematic business process integration solutions that speed project completion, simplify integration, reduce risk and ensure that integration solutions are easily maintained while remaining flexible and adaptable.

Download: 10 questions to ask yourself before selecting technology to integrate your solutions

This White Paper covers:

  1. Does your solution use loosely-coupled architecture?
  2. Does the integration solution include standard connectors?
  3. Does your solution have a visual business process and integration flow design?
  4. Are changes maintained in the source and destination fields without programming?
  5. Is the integration technology platform-independent and database-independent?
  6. Is your integration provider experienced?
  7. Can your solution monitor your business processes?
  8. Does your solution use automatic documentation?
  9. Does your integration solution have official certifications?
  10. Is your technology provider experienced?

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