Magic® xpc iPaaS

Magic xpc Integration Platform as a Service

The lightweight 100% cloud-native integration platform

Magic xpc is a code-free, API-driven integration platform as a service (iPaaS), enabling customers to implement digital transformation on the cloud, on-premises or on both.

The Benefits of Magic xpc

Low Cost and Risk

A subscription-based pricing model that offers flexibility, predictability and customizability to meet each organization’s unique needs. There are never any hidden costs providing you with a transparent total cost of ownership.

100% Cloud Native

No need to maintain hardware and software in-house. You can focus solely on business processes rather than having to simultaneously support and build server environments.

Robust Performance

Multi-tenant architecture ensuring high scalability and elasticity of your integrations in case of spikes in data volumes.


Central Connectivity on the Cloud

Fast Implementation

An easy-to-use, code-free platform with a graphical and user-friendly interface for quick integrations.

Hybrid Integration

Connect your on-premises, legacy applications with applications on the cloud.

Strong Security

Guarantees that your business information is encrypted and secured at all times.

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Here’s a small example of how you can use Magic xpc to integrate Salesforce and Magento

1. A customer registers on a Magento-based web store

2. A new lead is automatically created in Salesforce

3. The customer adds a product to the shopping cart on the web store

4. The lead is automatically converted to an opportunity in Salesforce

5. The customer places an order on the web store

6. The order details are automatically logged in Salesforce



Integration for Business Ecosystems

Using Magic xpc iPaaS you can connect a wide range of business ecosystems by implementing out-of-the-box connectors to extend the capabilities of leading ERP, CRM, finance, and other enterprise systems.

Just a few examples from our toolbox of connectors: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, SugarCRM, Magento, and many more.

Our Commitment

> Lower the cost of ownership of software solutions.
> Small enough to care, large enough to deliver.
> Lower risk bespoke development.
> Award-winning code-free enterprise integration at a faster time to market.
> Make sense of complex systems.


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