StemPiece Viewer

Quick comprehensive display of stem piece profile information

ATLAS StemPiece Viewer is a utility application for displaying the stem piece information together with the log cutting decisions.



View stem profile Display up to six charts (sweep, diameter under-bark profile, branch size and angle, section density and acoustic velocity, heartwood and a composite of this information).
Support for both Cruiser and Forecaster Both Cruiser and Forecaster generated stem profiles are supported and displayed.
Automated processing of large jobs for different scenarios Multiple scenarios can be batch processed by using command-line scripts.
New reports created easily to meet business needs The Cruiser user interface provides a powerful tool to construct a wide variety of reports.
User selectable graphs It is possible for the user to select specific graphs to display only.
Log products viewable The profiles are overlaid with the log products that have been cross-cut from the stem piece.
Branch colouring Branches are shown using circles that are coloured – brown for dead and green for live.
Easy stem piece navigation To view next stem piece, the user can hit the page down key. To view the previous stem piece hit the page up key.
Chart zoom Charts can be zoomed by marking a region with a mouse click and drag.

stempiece-viewer-screenshotStem pieces are sections of stem that are extracted after felling for cutting into log products. Each standing stem will typically yield one butt piece and zero or more top pieces. The top pieces are recovered from above forks or break points.

The display shows a set of up to six charts which illustrate the changes in sweep, diameter under-bark, branch size and angle, section density and velocity, and heartwood along the stem piece. The sixth chart is a composite of some of this information.

This viewer provides a quick way of interpreting the results of a Cruiser or Forecaster analysis at an individual stem piece level. It complements the log trace report which gives a breakdown of the logs produced from each stem with their position, size and value.

Although Cruiser can process field data cruised using MARVL codes, the meaning of these codes is known only to the designer of the dictionary and the field crew. The sweep (feature codes) and diameter charts are sufficient to show this information, although knowledge of the dictionary can help with the interpretation. The full Cruiser stem description is best displayed through all six charts.

Download the latest version of StemPiece Viewer:






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