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ATLAS Acquire is designed to streamline data collection in the field. Built for mobile devices running Android and iOS, it is accessible to almost anyone. Data is backup up to the cloud whenever a device is within cellular coverage to minimise the risk of data loss, even if a device breaks down or gets lost.

Acquire is customised to support ATLAS analysis tools such as PSP and Cruiser. In due course, it will replace ATLAS FieldMan which currently serves this purpose. Acquire can also be configured to collect user-defined data structures of almost any type, making it a very flexible and powerful platform for anyone needing to collect data.



Easily accessible Built for mobile devices running Android and iOS
Low network dependence Runs both on-line and off-line
Tailored for ATLAS applications Accepts and generates data files used by Cruiser and PSP
Flexible design Also supports user-defined hierarchical data structures for almost any type of data
Locational support Provides a map of planned collection locations, if known
Audit support Records device locations when data collected
Imagery Can collect photos along with textual data
Secure All transmitted data is encrypted

ATLAS Acquire is not just a mobile app, but a system that manages the data flow between the office and field workers. It comprises three components:

Acquire Desktop

Manages which assessments are to be deployed on which mobile devices and obtains the collected data. Is also used to create user-defined assessment data structures.

Acquire Web Server

Cloud-based app that enables assessment structures and data to be transmitted between Acquire Desktop and mobile devices

Acquire Mobile

The mobile app used in the field to record data and images. This app communicates with Acquire Web Server to receive assessments to be carried out, and returns the data as it is collected.


Read: Acquire Privacy Policy.

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