WHITE PAPER: Magic xpi Product Sheet

Magic xpi is Magic’s code-free integration platform that lets you streamline business processes quickly and easily, integrating them across diverse applications, platforms, and databases. Magic xpi enables you to integrate your business information, logic and data into cross-organisational, cross-platform business processes. Smooth running business processes reduce operational costs and increase revenue, and reduce business risks.

Magic xpi simplifies the design and integration process by separating business logic from integration technology. You can make changes to prototype business models without affecting actual business or technology layers. With user-friendly, code-free tools like wizards, drag-and-drop, and tables, Magic xpi lets you create seamless connections with enterprise applications deployed on any hardware, operating system, or database technology.

Magic xpi is flexible, scalable, and future-proof, resulting in an architecture that will let your organisation adapt quickly to changing technologies and business conditions while lowering your IT costs.

Download: Magic xpi Product Sheet

 This White Paper includes:

  • Magic xpi Studio: Flow Editor, Flow Editor Components (Enterprise Application Connectors, Office Suites, Technology Frameworks, Messaging, Communication and SOA, File Handling), Connector Builder, Data Mapper, Integrated Tools and Facilities (Debugger, Checker, Source Control Integration, Project-Centric Settings).
  • Magic xpi Server: Integration Services, Magic xpi Monitor.

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