WHITE PAPER: Why Hybrid Integration Provides the Best of Both Worlds

Hybrid integration is the combination of both cloud and on premises solutions – often from multiple providers. Hybrid integrations offer variety, so companies can pick and choose which aspects of their business are better off on-premises and which are better in the cloud.

The challenges are finding ways to manage all the different data flows no matter where they reside. Finding the most painless path to integration means having an integration platform that is fully interoperable and not locked-in to one environment or architecture and that is able to handle all of the different data types and computing environments. This is important since the ‘best’ deployment model for today might not be the best model in a few years, or even a few months. Integration platforms can provide the flexibility to maintain integration
as requirements evolve.

Hybrid integration can provide enterprises with the best of both worlds with the option to shift resources back and forth as business needs evolve.

Download: Why Hybrid Integration Provides the Best of Both Worlds

this white paper covers:

  • What Is Hybrid Integration?
  • Why Invest in an Integration Platform?
  • Better Together: Business Benefits of Integration
  • Key Requirements for an Integration Solution: Support for a Wide Variety of System Environments and Applications, Support for Process-based Integration, Mobilization of Business Processes, Scalability and High Availability, Real-Time Data Availability, Highly Productive & Reliable, Customer Support and Professional Services

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