SUCCESS STORY: Boston Medical Center Drives Efficiency with Mobile Facility Management App


Not only have we made our facility management team happier and more efficient with the new smart ways of working on-site, we have also eliminated the huge amount of paperwork previously required by hundreds of technicians completing thousands of work orders a day.”

Bob Biggio, Vice President of Facilities and Support

The Project

Industry: Healthcare
Magic Solution: Magic xpa Application Platform, MDM, PS

    • Manage Scheduled & On-Demand work orders
    • Scan barcode
    • Offline support
    • Seamless transition from iOS to Android tablets
    • MDM solution
    • Upgraded existing Magic C/S app to cross-platform


    • Improve efficiency of technicians
    • Enable immediate response for critical malfunctions
    • Create centralized solution for hospital staff to initiate and monitor service calls


  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced costs by eliminating paperwork
  • Faster repairs
  • Greater management and employee satisfaction
  • Ordered another app

SOURCE: Magic Software


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